Geomagnetic Disturbance Alert

Geomagnetic storm forecast. Chance of aurora on the night of the 19th into the 20th March 2021.

A large northern extension of the southern polar coronal hole reached an Earth facing position on the 17th of March 2021. The High solar wind speed stream associated with this coronal hole is anticipated to arrive late on the 19th March and is expected to cause enhanced geomagnetic conditions.

Geomagnetic activity is likely to reach STORM levels late on the 19th into the 20th March. As the coronal hole is large in size, the High speed stream is likely to remain elevated for a couple of days, with further chances of STORM periods possible.

Assuming clear, dark skies, there is a greater chance of seeing the aurora late on the evening of the 19’th and into the 20’th March.
If the weather is favourable!!!

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