UTC Thu Dec 02 09:41:37 UTC
Minor, depending on the event, you might want to stay at home?

Northern Lights can in some cases be visible in Stockholm.
It is very rare and sporadic, but possible! It will most likely be very fleeting and short (just want to be realistic with you). In some cases it might be a good idea to check the forecast and then follow up by checking all the other instruments. It might be the beginning of a bigger magnetic storm?

It will require patience as well as good knowledge of reading and interpreting magnetometer data…
Go outside of Stockholm city limits, go north of the city to a dark place.
If certain atmospheric conditions will be met, it might be possible to spot the Northern Lights. It will be low and faint (even to you a DSLR) on the horizon, approximately 0° to 5° (ich) from the horizon.